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Make Lives Better

We eliminate barriers and shine a light on solutions.

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Our Culture

The Touchstone Experience

The Touchstone Experience is inclusive of our Purpose, Vision, Mission, TouchPOINTS and “Be” Attitudes. The Touchstone Experience is the foundation for our pledge to Service Excellence. Service Excellence is the act of going beyond customer expectations and delivering a best-in-class experience that delights our customers. Most organizations provide good customer service; best-in-class organizations, however, go above and beyond and provide service excellence. Customer service is a concept; Service Excellence is a philosophy that is embedded at every layer of the organization. In short, Service Excellence is delivered from the heart and is a way of life.

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Purpose, Vision, Mission - Touchstone Communities

Purpose, Vision, Mission

Our Purpose
Glorify God

Our purpose gives meaning and an enduring reason to exist. It provides the standard for what matters most in our company. At Touchstone we have the privilege of leveraging our  work to fulfill our larger life-calling.

Our Vision
To be the leading post-acute healthcare solution in the markets we serve

Our vision creates the image of our ultimate aspiration. It defines our overreaching, long-term goals and challenges our team members.

Our Mission
Make lives better through a best-in-class healthcare experience

Our mission is the bridge to our vision and defines how we get there. Connection to our mission creates expectations and a sense of direction.

Our TouchPOINTS - Touchstone Communities


Our TouchPOINTS are our core values that form the foundation on the way in which we do our work, conduct ourselves, and interact with each other. They define the behaviors we reward and serve as a compass to guide us in making decisions in a manner consistent with what is important to the company.

  • Passion: We love what we do, and we show it—this fuels our actions
  • Ownership: We take personal responsibility for actions and results
  • Integrity: We are honest and have an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing
  • Navigator: We eliminate barriers and shine a light on solutions
  • Teamwork: We care about each other personally and professionally and work together to reach our highest potential
  • Stewardship: We responsibly and wisely care for and oversee all that is entrusted to us
Our “Be” Attitudes - Touchstone Communities

Our “Be” Attitudes

Our “Be” Attitudes are Service Standards that set forth a consistent set of behaviors and actions expected from all Touchstone Team Members. They nurture a culture that is the Touchstone way of working and interacting with others, and they demonstrate our commitment to impassioned service delivery.

  • Be Accountable: Operate above the line—See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It
  • Be Innovative: Adapt and bring value
  • Be Authentic: Our actions should match our words
  • Be Humble: Don’t hide our light but remember who makes it shine
  • Be Inclusive: Honor differences of all kinds; every voice on our team matters
  • Be Kind: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • Be Present: Participate in the now
  • Be Understanding: Act with grace and be quick to forgive
  • Be Well: Promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Be Compassionate: Recognize the needs of others and take action to help
  • Be Experts: Reflect knowledge and professionalism in appearance and behavior
  • Be Trustworthy: Honor commitments

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